Live From Centurion Jewelry: Color, Gold & Ice Diamonds


Thank goodness for the powerful lure of the beautiful jewelry here at the show, because the fine weather in Tucson is enough to tempt the most disciplined employee to sprint outside at every opportunity. I remained focused, however, and got around to see a number of other exhibitors today. Tuesday, in fact, is my last day of walking the Centurion show floor because on Wednesday, I move down the hill to check out the AGTA GemFair Tucson.


While hanging out with all of you fancy folks in the foothills has been a blast, I am ready to ditch the dresses and don blue jeans and cowboy boots, and, start my annual treasure hunt for inexpensive gemmy treats. Before I leave you completely, though, here’s Part I of a final roundup of new merchandise seen today.


Part II will include Gurhan (great prices in silver, some new gold), Penny Preville (bridal line unveiled, new gold fashion), and Mouawad (cheap, cool, colorful watches and new black and white gold pieces), but since I won’t post these pics until tomorrow night, DO stop by their booths and see the jewels in person.


For trend reports of all the spring shows, plan to read the JCK Fashion issue in May 2009; in this issue, Carrie and I will summarize all that we’ve seen and highlight a few of the strongest jewelry trends, show jewelers what jewelry styles best compliment new spring clothes, and, how to accessorize jewels with complete outfits. Please be sure your JCK subscription is up to date.


You can still ‘follow me’ on Twitter through the AGTA fairs (I only have a day for them this year so I’ll try to get to as many as I can). If you spot something wonderful, let me or your colleagues know by posting a comment here on this blog. Also remember to become a fan of JCK on our Facebook page; you might even see your own photo in the Centurion album.

Happy gem hunting, everyone!



Gadi Beer is going big in colored stone jewelry, as in pieces that retail for $5,000 and up. His reason: “People can go to Stuller for small color [pieces],” he told me earlier today. He’s setting tourmaline, imperial topaz, Burmese peridot, and more in 18k gold. Another new line is Gadi for Sofer Jewelry, a partnership with a diamond firm. The result is diamond fashion pieces in 18k gold with suggested retail prices starting at $450. The pieces are cute, the pave feels nice, smooth to the touch so it won’t snag on clothes, and the prices are kept down because Gadi has a factory overseas. 

Bam! It’s go big or go home for Gadi Beer and his big new colored stone styles. Here, a 100 ct. t.w. Burmese Peridot.

You don’t see spiny oyster shell a lot in mainstream jewelry, but it’s so beautiful when it’s done well, and, paired with complimentary colors. A case in point is Kabana, long known for their mother-of-pearl and 18k gold jewelry, which has a range of really pretty styles of rich orange spiny oyster shell paired with purple, cream, and red mother of pearl. Pieces start at $300 retail. 

I heart this ring in the center.


Mattioli had a couple of new cool items (no surprise here, they usually do). The company is expanding its use of ‘ice diamonds’, the heavily included and opaque stones that I saw in Vicenza. Mattioli showed ice diamonds in Vegas last year, but for the most part, Americans turned up their noses at the stones because, as Danny Bogue puts it, “Americans are diamond purists.” Translation: ice diamonds are too crappy to sell in U.S. stores. They are super low quality, no doubt, but in a fashion piece, not an heirloom, they’re fun, pretty, sparkly, cheap. Why not? Mattioli’s ice line, dubbed Flavor, starts at $2,300 for an 18k gold pendant with .75 cts. t.w. melee. 
NOTE: I can’t find Mattioli’s web site, anybody know it?

This is truly a horrible photo, but, it’s the only one i have of this chain with bezel-set ice diamonds.


Also new is the Tibet collection. Here, Licia Mattioli was inspired by a tradition in that country; mothers craft wire rings for daughters about to marry, each loop suggesting a year of matrimonial bliss. Pieces are made of 18k gold and feature colored stones and diamond accents; suggested retail prices start at $1,800. Licia gives her creations 20 wraps, one for each year of marriage, according to Danny. Why no more than 20? “She says that after 20, you’re on your own,” he said.



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