Live From Brazil: Pretty in Pearls and Bows


A number of new offerings from the Brazilians were über feminine, featuring bow motifs and pearls. If you’re into edgy–black diamonds, skulls, Metallica, you know who you are–then these styles aren’t likely to rock your world. But if your closet is loaded with Lilly Pulitzer prints and sweet cardigan sweaters, you’re probably going to like these jewels (a lot). Enjoy.




Red dolomite, diamonds, and pearls in 18k yellow gold by Goldesign


Guilherme Duque  Guilherme Duque

Hand-painted resin and precious stones in 18k gold by Guilherme Duque



Ruby slices and pearls in 18k gold by Vancox


Art' Orafo  Art' Orafo

Brown pearls with precious stones in 18k gold by Art’ Orafo


Goldesign  Goldesign

Ruby and emerald bows in 18k gold by Goldesign


Fr Hueb  Fr Hueb  Fr Hueb

Fr Hueb  Fr Hueb  Fr Hueb

Fr Hueb

Lots of bows from FR Hueb!! All in 18k gold and diamonds.


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