Live from Brazil: Havaianas, Daslu, New Jewelry (at end)


On Monday I ventured out into Sao Paulo to reacquaint myself with Brazilian style, which is casually elegant and can feature uncommon color combinations, textures, and patterns.


Clothes by Maria Bonita, from Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and skakeskin boots



A number of Brazilian brands, including flip flop maker Havaianas and jeweler H.Stern, as well as international brand shops (Timberland) line the street of Rua Oscar Freire. The ambiance at the Havaianas flagship store is beach chic, and the décor and displays fit right in: weathered logs for seating and piles of flip flops on display like fruit at an outdoor market. The whole store is sheltered though not entirely enclosed, and Brazilian jazz music plays in the background.






Daslu is a must-see for every visitor to Sao Paulo. This store, which is like a giant department store sans bad lighting or overstuffed racks of ratty garments, is the ultimate luxury experience (and this is the opinion of many well-travelled individuals, not just me). Each well-appointed shop in shop effortlessly spills over into the next, and each room looks like a dream closet: plush surroundings, great lighting, maids in uniform (really, see the picture, it’s a little disconcerting for some), gorgeous objects, garments, and jewels, in addition to a champagne bar nestled in amongst women’s fashions on the first floor, and various other comfortable spots located store-wide to rest and enjoy a café. According to staff, all brands (including Chanel, Prada) manage their own leased spaces. Oh, and it’s valet parking only, so no lugging bulky bags out to the car while propping up a child on one hip; Daslu is so civilized.




Also, I was determined to shop where the local women do, so I visited Morumbi Shopping, an indoor mall not far from the Hotel Transamerica where many journalists visiting the Feninjer show stay. At Morumbi, fashions were more reasonably priced than in Daslu, and in many cases, than in shops on Oscar Freire, but were just as chic and wonderful.


Now that you have a taste of Brazilian style and culture, it’s easier to see how their fine jewelry fits into the mix. For examples, of course, I looked no further than the Feninjer fair.




 Tuileries collection features diamond pave in 18k gold, Starting Retail Price (SRP) $4,000


Allure collection, this is white topaz and not diamonds, SRP $7,000. It’s amazing much these stones look like diamonds.

Joy collection features some mirrored surfaces in 18k gold with diamond accents, SRP $4,000

Friss collection, 18k gold and white quartz SRP $1,500. The designer told me she designed this jewelry for tan women because the colors look pretty against the skin.

Vix collection is inspired by Carmen Miranda, 18k gold and gems, SRP $4,000. Can you see the similarities?

Tabuleiro collection, 18k gold, white topaz, gems, SRP $5,000

Lumiere collection, gems and pearls in 18k gold, SRP $4,000 (this is my personal favorite)

F.R. Hueb


Secret Garden collection, 18k gold and diamonds, SRP $1,000

Pavissima collection features–what else?–pave, SRP $3,000

Divine collection, aims to inspire purchases among younger customers, 18k gold, diamonds, and gems, SRP $1,500. The scales on the yellow gold earrings move. Check out the malachite accented by chocolate diamonds, very unusual and pretty combination.

Brocade collection, inspired by French brocade, 18k gold, diamonds, gemst, SRP $5,000

Casual collection, 18k gold and diamonds prong-set above the gold they are stationed to, SRP $600

Finally, a pretty ring features nifty-looking prongs with diamonds set into them.

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