Live From Baselworld 2014: New Jewelry From Mikimoto, Sutra, Arunashi, Carla Amorim, and Dani by Daniel K

Opening day of Baselworld is already over, but the pieces I saw won’t soon be forgotten! Thus far, I have seen new collections from Mikimoto, Sutra, Arunashi, Carla Amorim, and Dani by Daniel K, and each collection was more stunning than the next. Here are highlights of new pieces these firms are showing.

Arunashi in Hall 2.2 booth A23

Posting photos of anything from Arun Bohra of Arunashi is rare since the designer is notoriously press-shy. But Bohra must have been feeling charitable today, because when I asked if I could snap a picture of something new to put on social media and this blog, the Beverly Hills, Calif.–based maker of gemstone-encrusted one-of-a-kinds said “Yes!” I chose to highlight this spectacular seashell necklace with small yellow gold, gemstone-accented snails permanently affixed to a would-be slimy path of select shells.

Arunashi seashell, gold, diamond, and spinel necklace new for Baselworld 2014

Seashell necklace with 18k gold, 12.95 cts. t.w. diamonds, and 12.38 cts. t.w. spinel, $65,800; Arunashi

Carla Amorim in Hall 2.1 booth A31

The Brazilian designer’s new looks are inspired by Russia, and speak to a variety of the country’s different landmarks and landscapes: ballet dancers, sunflowers, onion domes, cathedrals, lakes, and more. As expected, the designer’s signature sexy aesthetic of movement, color (lovely subtle applications of lavender spinel), long silhouettes, and beads of gold are abundant.

Carla Amorim Monastery earrings from the new Russia collection

Monastery earrings in 18k gold with 39.74 cts. t.w. tanzanite and 1.01 cts. t.w. lavender spinel, $14,000; Carla Amorim

Baikal Lake earrings from Carla Amorim's new Russia collection

Baikal Lake earrings in 18k gold with gray sapphires, peach moonstone, and black diamonds, $12,000; Carla Amorim

Dani by Daniel K in Hall 2.2 booth C25

Remember Daniel Koren’s massive diamond stunners from years past? Well, he’s been selling them to private clients for several years, but has emerged from the shadows for this show to unveil a new collection of sterling, CZ, and lab-created stone jewels for fans of his fine line without fat wallets. “It’s for the woman who wants to live her dreams now,” a spokesperson told me. The workmanship is well done: Stones 2 cts. and up—as well as some of the fancier small stones—are hand-cut. Koren is using lab-created spinel, zircon, and nano crystal from Russia for color, and all colorless stones are CZ. Suggested retail prices for the line start at $300.

Dani by Daniel K silver, CZ, and lab-created gemstone jewelry at Baselworld 2014

Rings in silver, CZ, and lab-created stones and bracelet in sterling with CZ, $470, $615, and $2,460; Dani by Daniel K

Mikimoto in Hall 1.1 C09

I was absolutely blown away by Mikimoto’s new offerings: lots of baroque pearls because customers have warmed up to them and appreciate their uniqueness; more conch pearls because of their rarity; a number of special pieces set in platinum; some purple sapphire accents; cage effects in karat gold in the Bamboo collection; a whimsical take on pearl studs in the Embrace collection; and dreamy selections with hand-carved cameos set with akoyas, watery morganites and aquamarines, star sapphires, and more. Plus, its one-of-a-kind styles in the front window are as magnificent as always.

Mikimoto akoya pearl and cameo necklace

Four strands of akoyas set with 18k pink gold and a removable hand-carved cameo brooch from the Florence collection, $88,000; Mikimoto

Mikimoto white akoya and south sea necklaces with pink opal and pink gold

White akoyas with south sea pearls with pink opal and pink gold rondelles from the Sonnet collection, $62,000–$289,000; Mikimoto

One-of-a-kind Angelic draping necklace with akoya pearls and diamonds from Mikimoto

One-of-a-kind Angelic draping necklace with 3 mm–8 mm akoya pearls, diamonds, and 18k gold, price on request; Mikimoto

Sutra in Hall 2.1 booth A45

I adore Divyanshu and Arpita Navlakha of Sutra! Not only are they super-talented but they are also lovely people and I’m thrilled to see that they are doing so well. Any doubts and you need only gaze at the breadth of their new collections—which is astounding. For each show, they have to turn out a ton of new pieces because nearly everything sells! And what they showed me today was mind-boggling. (I thought we were finished after looking at the window displays and Divyanshu said, “Jennifer, we’re not done. There’s more inside!” Here are just two of their newest stunners.

Sutra brown diamond necklace with Ehtiopian opal and a cuff with brown diamonds and Angel Skin coral

Necklace in 18k gold with black rhodium with 133.59 cts. t.w. Ethiopian opal and 62.4 cts. t.w. brown diamonds, $155,700, and cuff in 18k gold with black rhodium and 47.55 cts. t.w. brown diamonds and 11.18 cts. t.w. Italian Angel Skin coral, $96,250; Sutra

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