Live Coverage: Rebecca Jewelry in Florence, Italy


After the factory tour, our group also got to see new jewelry. I’ve never had the pleasure of having a market visit with retailers, so it was fun to see their reactions.

Just a reminder, Rebecca works in bronze, 18k-gold-plated bronze, and sterling silver jewelry. Rebecca uses natural stones in pieces with small carat weights (stones weighing less than 1ct. t.w.) and hydrothermal rocks for anything larger than 1ct. t.w. The latter is a process whereby a natural stone is created from small precious stones (amethyst, for example, when a large purple stone is the desired result) combined with pressure, water, heat, and electricty. During the process, the quartz crystallizes, and stone colors are fairly consistent (which is why Rebecca uses these stones).

Leslie, a pal of Karyn Tarnacki’s from Moyer Fine Jewelry, Carmel, IN, inspects a new style from the Lucky collection, which features coin and horn motifs. 

More from Lucky.

Leslie modeling oversize hoops from the Griffe collection (griffe means brand in Italian).

Here’s Karyn, modeling the same pair.

And me, decked out in Griffe necklaces.

Jennifer Powers, Orr’s Jewelers, Pittsburgh, Pa., in Griffe.

Jeremy Oster (lt), Oster Jewelers, Denver, Colo., and Armen Darakjian, Darakjian Jewelers, Southfield, Mich.

Melissa Oster, Oster Jewelers.

What a ham! Jennifer Powers again, this time in the new Cleopatra collection. 

Karyn in Cleopatra.

A sterling cuff from an older collection. When I think of Rebecca, this is the style that comes to mind.

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