Little by Little Has the Recipe for Good Jewelry

Remember a few years back when it was all the rage to be a foodie? “Oh, I love small plates! I’m such a foodie.” “I’ll try anything, I’m a foodie!” Eventually the phrase would elicit its fair share of eye rolls, but I think it just became overplayed, a label people would go to great lengths (and expenses) to subscribe. And if you don’t believe the wannabe foodie fad was starting to fade, ask yourself this: Pre-pandemic, how many food pictures were you coming across from your friends on your Instagram feed? Remember when everyone was sharing everything they were eating, every single course? I’m not even passing judgment—I share all of it on vacation in my Stories (sigh, vacation).

Obviously, things look different now with the pandemic, and restaurants are struggling more than ever (I bet they miss the days of the wannabe foodie—as do we all). But let’s not diminish the plain fact that food is art, whether it’s deemed worthy of an Instagram post or not: A chef is the artist that creates their works from the soul for our bellies.

Sustainable jewelry brand Little by Little knows a thing or two about the beauty and artistry of food. So much so, in fact, that its line is inspired by mustard seeds and orange slices.

Little by Little Seville bangle
Seville bangle in 24k gold–plated sterling silver, £95 ($120)
Little by Little Seville hoop earrings
Seville hoop earrings in 24k gold–plated sterling silver, £85 ($110)

Little by Little was founded in 2017 by Annabel Cox and Georgina Fuggle, two friends looking to do something different while making a difference. It wasn’t a stretch that the beauty of food would serve to inspire: Fuggle worked in food styling and photography (and before that, she was in fashion and textiles), so the eye for edible beauty was honed. Cox has been making jewelry therapeutically, crafting herself a new career in silversmithing and jewelry design.

Little by Little Wedge ear jackets
Wedge ear jackets in 24k gold–plated sterling silver with enamel, £100 ($130)

And so Little by Little was born, combining its founders’ passions in four collections thus far: the Seville, inspired by the Andalusian oranges of the Spanish city; the Mustard Seed, mostly two-tone styles inspired by the small-but-flavorful spice of the same name; the Wedge, an art deco–esque design inspired by a watermelon slice; and the Pip, inspired by the seed of the English Cox apple.

Little by Little Mustard chain bracelet
Mustard chain bracelet in sterling silver and 24k gold plate, £85 ($110)
Little by Little Mustard dot ring
Mustard dot ring in 24k gold–plated sterling silver, £65 ($90)

These treasures aren’t edible, but they’re a feast for the eyes—delectably delightful and incredibly fun, and at a price that makes them accessible. Pieces are made in 24k yellow or rose gold-plated sterling silver or sterling silver, some decorated with enamel. The jewelry is crafted by a factory in Lima, Peru—which designer Cox has visited to ensure its safety and the well-being of its employees—using Peruvian silver, some of which is recycled.

Little by Little Apple Pip spinning necklace
Apple Pip spinning necklace in 24k gold–plated sterling silver with enamel, £120 ($150)
Little by LIttle apple Pip signet ring
Apple Pip signet ring in 24k gold–plated sterling silver, £125 ($160)
Little by Little Pip hoop earrings
Apple Pip hoop earrings in sterling silver, £105 ($140)

The line’s fun is not based in frivolity: A portion of each sale goes to Luminary Bakery, a London-based charity that offers women the opportunity for professional development and rehabilitation through baking, by way of courses, work experience, and paid employment within the bakery. With each purchase, Little by Little donates enough funds to cover the cost of sending a woman to train at the bakery for a day.

The company has set its sights on growing—little by little, as its name says. Future plans include a jewelry-making foundation that re-skills and supports workers in need. “Part kitchen, part gallery, part workshop filled with delicacies and delight,” its website says.

Jewelry for foodies, sure, but really, this line is for anyone who seeks to support a business that supports others, a growing and ever-important element for small businesses.

Top: Seville slice ear jackets in sterling silver, £700 ($90)

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