Lindsey Steill Joins the Edge Retail Academy

Lindsey Steill has joined the Edge Retail Academy as a member of its mentoring team.

The Edge Retail Academy, based in Las Vegas, offers industry-specific seminars and mentoring services to help jewelers improve profitability. 

Steill previously spent 12 years at Moyer Fine Jewelers in Carmel, Ind., where she was chief financial officer. 

“Steill is fluent in almost every financial facet of the jewelry industry,“ said David Brown, cofounder and president of the Edge Retail Academy. “Her strengths and experience are as diverse as the industry itself. She is even well versed in Internet sales and has negotiated health and hazard insurance and 401(k) plans. Her experience will help clients assess and refine their long-term goals as they navigate a clear path to success.”