Lightbox Debuts Cushion-Cut Lab Diamond Collection

Lightbox has added a particularly trendy cut to its selection of diamond shapes. The DeBeers–owned lab-grown diamond jewelry line debuted a series of looks last week that feature cushion-cut diamonds.

Round-corner, cushion-cut diamonds—which were popular in the Victorian and Edwardian eras—have been all the rage with bridal buyers in recent seasons.

What’s the appeal? For one, cushions scream vintage—and generally speaking, jewelry consumers are enamored of all things vintage-looking this year.

Additionally, the cut “returns light in a chunkier pattern than modern cuts,” according to Lumera Diamonds. “Combined with the enlarged culet—which was considered desirable for the pattern created when viewed through the table—this created a distinctive look. Many buyers are attracted to the antique feel combined with modern performance offered by the cushion cut.” So there’s also that.

Lightbox cushion cut pink diamond bracelet
Lightbox bracelet with 5/8 ct. lab-grown pink diamond in a rose gold–plated setting, $600


Lightbox cushion cut pendant necklace
Lightbox pendant necklace with 1 ct. cushion-cut lab-grown diamond in a sterling silver setting, $900

The new Lightbox cushion-cut styles comprise a 1 ct. white or blue lab-grown diamond in a sterling silver necklace; lab-grown diamond studs in white, blue, and pink in 3/4 ct. and 1 ct. weights; and a sterling silver bracelet bearing a 5/8 ct. blue, pink, or white diamond.

The styles are basic and therefore timeless. The company describes the lab-grown cushion-cut diamonds as “the most modern take on an antique cut” that feature “sensuous, soft sparkle” and are “an It-girl favorite.”

Prices for the new styles adhere to Lightbox’s $800-per-carat strategy. The 1 ct. cushion-cut lab diamond pendant is $900 ($800 for diamond and $100 for silver); and the 1 ct. t.w. cushion studs in 10k gold are $1,000 ($800 for diamonds and $200 for gold).

Elsewhere in the market, brands are pricing lab-grown diamonds only a fraction less than what they would mined diamonds.

Top: Lightbox 1 ct. t.w. lab-grown blue diamond stud earrings in 10k white gold, $1,000 (all photos courtesy of Lightbox)

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