Light Up Your Lobes With Night Ice’s Battery-Powered Earrings

Just right for wear at a rave—perfect if the punk trend really takes flight in fashion—are these light earrings from San Francisco–based Available in six colors—red, blue, green, pink, yellow, and clear—of static and flashing lights, as well as multicolor flashing lights (clear when off, to red, green, and blue, and a faster sequence of these colors, plus pink and yellow) the earrings are copper and stainless steel electroplated with Platina silver and platinum alloy with LED-implanted crystals powered by watch batteries; retail prices range from $25 to $35. Each pair of earrings comes with three batteries, and five additional batteries costs $25; batteries for the Static and Flashing styles last for 30 hours of wear, and are interchangeable, while batteries for Multi-Color Flashers are different and last just six hours of wear.

While Night Ice debuted in 2008, the earrings are starting to get more visibility thanks to sales on, an online purveyor of hip, well-priced home goods and accessories, and (another shelter and related goods site), as well as some international outlets. The company also promotes the earrings through social media, and sells them on its own website (, but no U.S. brick-and-mortar shops are carrying the earrings—a point Collett is hoping to change.

“We look to experts with reach to place them, but are very wary of people who may try to borrow some secrets,” says founder-CEO Rob Collett, who conceived the battery-operated light-up earrings after a failed attempt to make glowstick earrings with paperclips and tape. It took him upwards of a year to make prototypes and secure proper testing in accredited facilities, including an engineering biophysics lab. He’s tickled with the resulting units, whose sales are in the thousands. “They’re like a party on your ears!” he proclaims.

You won’t find Night-Ice at any trade shows, and while other styles—necklaces, rings—aren’t yet available, look for them in the future, along with pieces for pets.

“We wanted to make the glowing earrings [for people] that never turn off first, but we think dog and cat Ice could be big,” he explains.