Let’s Revisit This Man-gagement Ring Business: Diamonds for Dudes?

Johnny Depp had tongues wagging when he was spotted flashing “a chick’s ring” (his words) at the end of March. According to sources, the ring was too large for fiancée Amber Heard, so the actor took up wearing the ring himself (it’s a gorgeous ring by the way, that any woman, er, man in this case, would be lucky to wear). At the same time, his fiancée was seen sporting a ring of her own—a rock even larger than his—leading us all to believe that his is, in fact, a man-gagement ring of sorts. So regardless of how he ended up actually wearing the bling, the question is: Is Depp adding more fuel to the man-bling fire? Well, maybe. Depp has a lot of fans. This is one of those trends that may very well stay contained within the Hollywood Hills (or in some cases, celebrities’ private islands), but it could inspire those men who have wanted to rock a lot more diamond than is customary. And why not? From the fashion-forward risk taker to same-sex couples and guys who just like diamonds, darn it, there’s no shame in making your move in the wake of a high-profile celebrity style sighting. And while most men won’t necessarily go gaga for a chick’s ring, there are plenty more masculine options that sparkle. Case in point: these eight rings—wedding bands, too!—that dazzle with diamonds.

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Savvy Jewelry Co. men's diamond ring

Savvy Jewelry Co.


Atlantic Engraving geometric diamond wedding band

Atlantic Engraving


Forty-Seventh and Fifth men's etched brown diamond ring

Forty-Seventh & Fifth


Jeff Cooper Designs Montauk men's wedding band

Jeff Cooper Designs


Todd Reed men's palladium raw diamond band

Todd Reed


First Image Design men's yellow diamond ring

First Image Design


Rahaminov Diamonds Over the Edge men's wedding band

Rahaminov Diamonds


Gregorio Jewelry mens' sapphire and diamond band

Gregorio Jewelry

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