5 Jewelry Lessons Learned From VicenzaOro January 2024


When you’re at VicenzaOro, the twice-yearly trend-packed show in Vicenza, Italy, you know a visual extravaganza is in store. There are some things you see at every show (chiefly, gold), including at the most recent edition, which ran Jan. 19–23. Incredible, innovative, abundant gold designs…per-ounce price be damned!

And we always spot a few new styles and notice a few new designs, especially at the January event—as the first major trade show of the year, inevitably all eyes are on Vicenza. Here are a few takeaways from our recent trip to the 70th (!) annual VO fair.

Lariats are having a moment

Vendorafa lariat
Vendorafa styled its new lariat with another delicate gold necklace.


Gismondi lariat
Technically this Gismondi 1754 piece isn’t a lariat (it can be clipped anywhere), but we love it as a lariat.

After we saw Maria Bello wearing a Rahaminov diamond lariat below a pearl choker and a multistrand pearl necklace at the Critics Choice Awards in early January, we thought, Hmm, that looks pretty cool! Then, at Vicenza we were seeing lariat necklaces practically everywhere we looked. Even necklaces that could be worn multiple ways were styled as lariats—which brings us to…


Convertible jewelry is here to stay

Picchiotti reversible Xpandable
This Picchiotti bracelet is not only reversible but also Xpandable.

Marina B offers two looks in one pair of earrings (above).

We mentioned this before, and it’s not exactly a trend, because frankly it’s not something that’s going away. More and more designers are discovering that clients want versatility in their fine jewelry; when you’re spending so much money, it helps if you’re essentially getting two (or even three) pieces in one. We believe that’s what they call jewelry math.


Stretch it out

A new stretchy Candy bracelet (above) by Peruffo

Stretchable bracelets are Fope‘s signature—pictured here is a design with an emerald rondelle.

Picchiotti Xpandable
These rings by Picchiotti are part of the brand’s Xpandable collection.

Some designers have built entire collections around this concept—and they’re all the better for it. Now, more and more brands are realizing they have to be more, ahem, flexible.


Watch for offbeat materials

Pianegonda bronze PVD silver
Pianegonda chains in bronze, PVD, and silver


Vhernier aluminum
Aluminum alert! We saw this beauty of a diamond-dusted bracelet at Vhernier.


Duvall in Alessio Boschi
Publicist Duvall O’Steen models pieces from Alessio Boschi‘s Metamorphosis collection, made with carbon fiber.

We never thought we’d see the day when titanium was almost commonplace, but when it came to fine jewelry at VicenzaOro, it was all around. Carbon fiber, though? Aluminum? Those were rarities—and refreshing to see combined with materials such as diamonds.


Designers are going big(ger)

Roberto Coin domino
Bigger sometimes is better, as in the case of this Roberto Coin Domino necklace.


Pianegonda chalcedony
Pianegonda’s Assoluto chalcedony and silver ring might be chunky but it’s super-comfy.

Of course we love tiny stackable rings and delicate necklaces. Yet we couldn’t help but notice more and more bigger pieces. Never underestimate the power of one or two massive statement pieces.

Top: photo courtesy of Italian Exhibition Group

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By: Melissa Rose Bernardo

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