Spotted: Leopard Print Looks so Good With Jewelry

In March I read an article about the burgeoning fashion trends that we’d be knee-deep in during the fall. (That article, from Man Repeller, is worth sharing for the graphics alone—it’s some seriously cool stuff.)

The very first trend the author named was tiger print, but it wasn’t so much the prediction of that particular animal as it was the subheading: “Swap your leopard print for tiger in the coat department.” I don’t know why, but my brain took this little sentence and stored it away, translating it to, “leopard print is going to be big this year.” Who knows why.

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Now, I may not have much occasion to get dressed up these days—one of the truest dangers of working from home, be warned!—but I’d be remiss if I didn’t keep tabs on what was going on in the fashion world. And if you had asked me a month ago, maybe two, if leopard print was even relevant, I’d be scratching my head. Maybe it’s been out there in droves for a while and I’ve ignored it, or maybe it just had to be fall for this pattern to make its grand debut (makes sense).

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Though I often tell myself that I dress to impress no one but myself (lies), it’s difficult to not be at least a bit influenced when my significant other has an opinion. To that end, my husband has nearly ruined leopard print for me (hates it) and has definitely done in the wedge heel (despises it). But with all of this leopard print inundating my Instagram feed, looking so fabulous and not at all unappealing as my better half seems to think, I’m buying what it’s selling in a big way. Sorry, honey, I’m all in on leopard (but I’ll give you the wedge—that we can agree on).

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To rock leopard right is a delicate art, particularly when it comes to jewelry. Done correctly, it’s a put-together look that seems really hard to achieve, making you look like a celebrity stylist who knows precisely what to do. Fear not if that sounds like an impossible feat: Some of the best-dressed jewelers (and influencers in other fields) have been doing it beautifully and showing it off on Instagram so we can reap the benefits of their clever work. It’s the ultimate cool-girl style, appearing less thought out and more, “Oh, this old (leopard print) thing?”

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How this will help you as a jeweler? Well, it’s a bold wardrobe choice for the store, for one, so you can use your obvious fashion prowess to impress your shoppers; but most importantly, it offers inspiration for your stock, because if styles like the ones shown in these ensembles can look good with a busy print like this one, they’ll look good with anything. Voilà! A list of ideas for 2019.

(Top image via: @jenmeyerjewelry)