Leave the Candy for the Kids: These Luxury Jewels Are So Much Sweeter



Goshwara multicolor gemstone Gossip necklace

What popular childhood treat does Goshwara‘s Gossip necklace remind you of?

Remember how fun it was to trick or treat? You’d do it until it you were old enough that it was no longer age-appropriate (and then maybe another year after that), dressing up in your Halloween best to knock on doors throughout the neighborhood, hold out your sack, and collect some candy. There was always that one lady who would hand out something healthy like an apple, and you’d think, “I don’t think she understands Halloween.” Despite that, you couldn’t wait to get home and have your parents painstakingly check over each and every treat for safety’s sake so that you could finally dig in. Maybe it wasn’t like that for everyone, but it’s most definitely what it was like for me. And now that I’m older, well, darn it, I miss trick-or-treating. It’s one of the all-important moments of a kid’s life that really highlights the spirit of the holiday. You’re with me, right?

Well, just because we’re grown out of our childhood years doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the treats of the season. Actually, these adult treats are even better than the candy that would go straight to our waistlines. Here’s the lineup: some of our favorite sugary treats as kids, paired with the completely calorie-free jewels that make being grown-ups oh so sweet. When your nostalgic shoppers come a-haunting on Halloween night, on the prowl for some sweet treats, be sure to have these on display. You’re sure to have some very pleased (adult!) trick-or-treaters on your hands.

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 candy bracelet header

candy bracelets

Leibish  Co. Tutti Frutti diamond bracelet

 ThinkStock | Leibish & Co.

Remember those pastel-hued candy bracelets and necklaces we adored as kids? At times I didn’t dare eat one for fear of losing that glamorous, sugary look. For adults: Leibish & Co.’s Tutti Frutti diamond bracelet, where each of its nearly 55 carats is sweeter than the last.

chocolate header

chocolate bars

Le Vian Couture Chocolate Diamonds earrings

Thinkstock | Le Vian Couture

Alright, let’s be honest: Adults love chocolate, too. But even the creamiest cocoa can’t beat Le Vian Couture’s drop earrings set with Chocolate Diamonds.

 jelly beans header

jelly beans

ENZO by Lorenzo rainbow tourmaline necklace

Thinkstock | ENZO by Lorenzo

What’s better than every flavor jelly beans? Every color of tourmaline in one, totally satisfying necklace.

rock candy header

rock candy

Raymond Hak Couture Rock Candy ring

Thinkstock | Raymond Hak Couture

My childhood road trips were never complete without a bag full of rock candy. I’m thinking any adult road trip would be that much better with Raymond Hak’s blue topaz Rock Candy ring. So much better for your teeth.

 cotton candy header

cotton candy

Le Vian Chocolatier Cotton Candy Amethyst ring

Thinkstock | Le Vian Chocolatier

Light-as-air cotton candy can be tasty, but the sweet cloud of sugar takes on an adult look with Le Vian Chocolatier’s Cotton Candy Amethyst and Raspberry Rhodolite ring. Yum.

candy corn header

candy corn

Jye Luxury Collection shaded sapphire ball earrings

Thinkstock | Jye Luxury Collection

This time of year, candy corn is irresistible! Its festive hues are even sweeter worn year-round with these drop earrings from Jye Luxury Group, with colored sapphires and diamonds.

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