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Leafy Greens: Feel-Good Jewels From The Tropics


Back when quarantine was the status quo, many people turned to nature to bring them a sense of peace during the uncertainty of the time. Seeing as not everyone has immediate access to the great outdoors, houseplants became the companions that brightened our atmospheres, from city apartments to suburban homes and everywhere in between.

Syna Jewels palm leaf earrings
Jardin palm leaf earrings in 18k yellow gold with 1.05 cts. t.w. champagne diamonds, $4,850; Syna Jewels
Robinson Pelham palm tree
Palm Tree EarWish in 14k yellow gold with yellow sapphire and tsavorite, £315 ($437); Robinson Pelham

If you can decorate with live plants, all the better—they freshen the air and provide a living element to any decor. But artificial plants, as well as images of them, have been trending in home design, too.

Misahara Fenelle ring
Fennelle ring in 18k yellow gold with 5.8 cts. t.w. tsavorite, green diamonds, and white diamonds, $8,800; Misahara
Monstera earrings in hand-painted wood with resin cabochons, $48; Katie Bartels Jewelry

I think of the monstera leaf in particular. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, the monstera is native to southern Mexico but has been introduced in many other tropical areas. It’s massively popular for decorating, not just in plant form but as a motif on wallpaper, artwork, even clothing. If you haven’t seen it all over Pinterest or Instagram over the past couple of years, you haven’t been checking in with social media.

Kassandra Nicholson palm tree pendant
Palm tree pendant in 14k rose gold, $640; Kassandra Nicholson
Saruchi Jewellery carved emerald leaf
Carved leaf pendant in 14k yellow gold with emerald, $330; Saruchi Jewellery

Though invasive in some areas (and, if it’s anything like the bamboo I’m constantly fighting in my backyard, I can see one’s feelings toward the plant turning pretty sour), the monstera is largely well received, and in Chinese symbolism it represents longevity and respect. Its young leaves are heart-shape, and as it grows, it forms the holes that the plant is so well-known for, which protect it from breaking in heavy winds and rain.

Amali opal leaf pendant
Carved leaf pendant in 18k yellow gold with 4.47 ct. Ethiopian opal, $2,420; Amáli Jewelry

But this isn’t a lesson in plants, though it may read as such. It stands to serve as the reasoning for which I believe such a leaf is the ideal candidate for an icon in jewelry, particularly given our affinity for symbolic and meaningful pieces.

Rhubarb Jewelry monstera leaf earrings
Monstera leaf earrings in brass, $65; Rhubarb Handcrafted Jewelry
Lark and Berry palm tree charm
Palm Tree charm in 14k yellow gold with lab-grown emeralds and diamonds, £250 ($347); Lark & Berry

Though I’m leaning heavily on the monstera, because it’s the kind I’m most taken with, other leafy greens (or, in the case of jewelry, golds, silvers, and so on) feel important at the moment, too. Palm trees, for example, echo our sentiments for warm, tropical locales—places that, while some may feel comfortable traveling to at the moment, elude others as the uncertainty of our time persists.

Effy palm tree necklace
Palm Tree pendant in 14k yellow gold with abalone and diamonds, $695; Effy Jewelry
Assaela leaf necklace
Pendant in 18k yellow gold with diamonds, $6,200; Angela Cummings for Assael

Personally, I dream of adding a shiny gold monstera charm to my collection, if I can find one (Maui Divers has an entire collection dedicated to the plant, if you’re interested). It just feels relevant, a reminder to hang in there, that we’re tough and beautiful and strong.

Carol Kauffmann leaf earrings
Banana leaf earrings in 18k yellow gold with pink tourmaline and diamonds, price on request; Carol Kauffmann
Valerie Madison Monstera leaf earrings
Monstera leaf earrings in 14k yellow gold, $350; Valerie Madison Jewelry

Honestly, I expected my search for this jewelry to come up rather short, but I was so wonderfully surprised by how many iterations of these leafy wonders there are. It would appear my penchant for them is not so out-there after all.

Top: Monstera leaf ring in 14k yellow gold, $875; Maui Divers Jewelry

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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