Launched in Las Vegas: William Henry Studio Debuts Swarovski Gems Pocketknife Collection

In a newly revealed partnership, luxury men’s accessory maker William Henry Studio launched a limited-edition line of pocketknives set with Swarovski Gems.

The collection includes three 50-piece pocketknife styles set with Swarovski Gems black spinel, citrine, and sapphires, each featuring a hand-forged, mosaic-effect Damascus steel blade.

“Not only are they functional and useful tools, but they’re immediately distinctive and rare objects imbued with the personality and individuality that strike a personal chord with their owners,” William Henry Studio founder Matt Conable told the press.

Asked why William Henry partnered with Swarovski Gems, Conable referenced the company’s quality, among other points.

“Helmut and Donna Swarovski, the Austrian owners of the Swarovski brand, both own and carry beautiful William Henry pocketknives, so we could not think of a better partner to provide the highest-quality gemstones we needed for our 15th-anniversary collection,” he told JCK.

Knife frames are made with rhodium-plated nickel silver, and the suggested retail price range for pieces is $6,000–$7,500.

Wiliam Henry with Swarovski Gems  Wiliam Henry with Swarovski Gems

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