Lark & Berry Debuts Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

London-based Lark & Berry has launched an engagement ring collection that exclusively features lab-grown diamonds. The omnichannel fine jewelry brand claims it is the first lab-grown engagement collection in the U.K. to use “100% renewable energy” in its diamond-growing and fabrication processes.

The ceremonial styles—which are largely clean, simple, and gem-centric designs—are customizable by shoppers online, in the tradition of fellow lab-grown diamond jewelers Vrai (formerly Vrai & Oro) and Couple. Metal selections include 18k gold and platinum, and center stone weights range from 0.5 ct. to 5 cts. Prices for a 0.5 ct. ring hover around $2,380, while 1 ct. rings will set you back around $4,700.

The cost savings typically associated with lab-grown diamond jewelry versus mined diamond jewelry are largely absent here—but consumers are paying for a more sustainably created product, according to the company.

In a prepared statement, Lark & Berry founder Laura Chavez said, “It’s amazing to see that cultured diamonds are always moving toward becoming the most sustainable they can be, and it is only a matter of time before all labs use most, if not all, of their energy from renewable sources.” She added, “This debunks the argument that a lab-grown diamond produces more carbon emissions than mining does. A cultured diamond will always be the most sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly option when it comes to diamonds.”

While it’s certainly laudable that Lark & Berry harnessed renewable energy to grow its diamonds, it’s not yet true that every lab-grown diamond is more eco-friendly than every mined diamond (though the British brand’s diamonds may be).

Read JCK news director Rob Bates’ in-depth article on the energy required to make a lab-grown diamond here. In it, he reports: “In some cases the lab-grown companies compare favorably; in others, they don’t. We need more info, and more transparency around these numbers and claims, to get the full picture. These are both energy-intensive processes. For now, the eco-energy claims are, as the FTC puts it, ‘difficult to substantiate.’ ”

Lark & Berry’s new collection is elegant and will surely appeal to a wide range of consumers—specifically those looking to buy from brands that prioritize transparency and the environment.

Chavez said brand fans have been clamoring for an engagement range since the company debuted last year. She added, “At Lark & Berry, we very much champion [lab-grown] diamond jewelry as the ‘now’ option that allows independent women and men to gift themselves. But of course, when wedding bells begin to chime…we want to be there for them and give them the exact [lab-grown] diamonds rings they desire.”

Lark & Berry’s new engagement rings are available online, in its Marylebone, London, flagship store—and by appointment in the Central district of Hong Kong.

Top: A lab-grown diamond engagement ring by Lark & Berry (image courtesy of Lark & Berry)

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