Largest, Whitest, Cleanest Synthetic Diamond Ever?

For all the problems we have noted in the lab-grown diamond category, the technology will, inevitably, continue to improve.

Now, I don’t think there is an official tally keeping score of how big and pure these stones have gotten. But Eric Franklin of D.Nea Diamonds writes in with what he considers a milestone:

We recently received back a diamond from AGS that finished as a 1.07 ct. G color, IF clarity. This is the largest, whitest, cleanest lab-grown diamond I’m aware of. It’s an as-grown color too, unlike the treated CVD’s on the market.

More info here. The stone is selling for $5,767, or $5,390 a carat. The closest I could find to it on Blue Nile, was a 1.06 ct. G color, IF clarity radiant, selling for $5,966, or $5,628 a carat. That’s a price differential, but not a huge one.

One interesting question brought up here: While it’s impressive the stone isn’t treated, will that matter to lab-grown buyers? Many legal watchers even think that, because it’s already a non-natural stone, the treatment doesn’t have to be disclosed.

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