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A Look at Antique Jewels Worthy of ‘Bridgerton’


If the good looks or scandals of period drama series Bridgerton aren’t your cup of tea (which, let’s face it, they probably are), there’s at least one good reason to watch: the Regency-era jewels. “The Prince Regent, for whom the era is named, was a great patron of fine arts and architecture, so it’s not surprising that all the decorative arts flourished at this time,” explains ​​Nicole Corsini, the marketing director at Lang Antiques. “Both men and women of exclusive upper-class society used jewelry to display their wealth and telegraph their social status.” 

It was a period during the early 19th century when everything was still made by hand, and jewels were often cut as cabochons or early facet patterns (such as rose and table cuts), set in closed foil-backed settings that enhanced their color and sparkle in candlelight. “Fashion and jewelry of that era were strongly influenced by ancient Roman– and Greek–inspired neoclassical design, thus Regency pieces tend to be more refined and elegant rather than ornate and rococo,” says Corsini. 

Aside from being a show all about social status, upper-class society, and hierarchy where Edwardian era pieces would naturally fit, there’s an interesting reason why Edwardian jewels are used in Bridgerton. “There was a strong Regency revival in the early-20th century, during what we know as the Edwardian era, where neoclassic designs were once again in fashion,” says Corsini. “This may be one reason why more easily acquired Edwardian jewelry is used so frequently in Regency-period dramas.” 

Plus, a closer look at the pieces curated for each character can reveal more about them. For example, Daphne, the Duchess of Hastings, wears more delicate and refined pieces to emphasize her elegance, while the more eager Featherington family wears brighter and bolder pieces to draw attention to themselves.

Below, we’ve included some of the best examples of antique pieces from Lang Antiques’ collection.


Early Victorian dangle earrings
Early Victorian dangle earrings in 18k yellow gold with 38 cts. t.w. pear-cut pink topaz, 2 cts. t.w. oval-cut purplish-pink topaz, and 2 cts. t.w. round-cut purplish-pink topaz, $5,950; Lang Antiques


Edwardian lavaliere necklace
Edwardian lavaliere necklace with 3.25 ct. cushion-cut aquamarine, 0.15 cts. t.w. round-cut diamonds, and freshwater pearls, $5,650; Lang Antiques
Edwardian feather brooch
Edwardian feather brooch (also shown at top) with 8.6 cts. t.w. old mine–cut diamonds, $19,750; Lang Antiques
Early Victorian garland necklace
Early Victorian garland necklace in 15k yellow gold with pearls, $11,750; Lang Antiques
Georgian pin
Georgian pin in 15k yellow gold with 4.5 cts. t.w. pink topaz and 2 cts. t.w. oval-cut chrysoberyl, $3,950; Lang Antiques 
Antique tiara
Antique tiara in platinum and 14k gold with a 0.2 ct. European-cut diamond, 0.45 ct. t.w. European-cut diamonds, 0.3 ct. t.w. rose-cut diamonds, and natural pearls, $8,750; Lang Antiques

(Photos courtesy of Lang Antiques)

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By: Annie Davidson Watson

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