Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Brand Kimaï Debuts

The pace of fine jewelry collections cropping up hoping to capitalize on the potential of lab-grown diamonds is quickening.

Not every debut is newsworthy—it doesn’t take much effort to make a simple 2 ct. solitaire ring look amazing.

But Kimaï, a new direct-to-consumer fine jewelry brand based in London, is a standout among the startups. First off, the brand’s designs tread several steps beyond basic. And its millennial-friendly digital presence is visually aligned with those of hot, hot, hot direct-to-consumer lifestyle brands such as Glossier and AUrate.

The collection was launched by two 25-year-olds, Jessica Warch and Sidney Neuhaus, who both hail from European diamond trading families. When developing the line, which is designed and fabricated in Antwerp, Belgium, using 18k gold and lab-grown diamonds exclusively, the pair focused on affordability, accessibility, and eco-consciousness—jumping on the fast-emerging claim that lab diamonds are a more sustainable choice than mined gems (the verdict’s still out on the veracity of that claim, as JCK news director Rob Bates has written about extensively).

Kimai rings
Kimaï rings (via:
Kimai earring
Kimaï earring (via:
Kimai Ray ring
Kimaï Ray ring (courtesy of Kimai)

“Kimaï is able to respond to the needs and wants of a generation of ethical-minded millennials looking for sustainable, fashionable, and accessible diamond jewelry,” according to the website. 

The designs are, indeed, fashionable—and are also priced very competitively.

The beautiful Ray ring, composed of linked ovals of beaded 18k yellow gold with diamonds, goes for $406.86. As does the elegant lab diamond-studded Idyll bracelet (pictured at top), which elevates the basic chain bracelet. The modern-feeling 18k yellow gold Ivy necklace is strung with 0.25 ct. of lab diamonds and retails for $431.90.

Kimaï’s first collection, comprised of 20 pieces and dubbed My Choice, “targets 21st-century women,” according to a company statement, “Independent, ambitious, elegant women that aren’t afraid to express their beliefs.” It’s a promising start. 

Top: Kimaï Idyll bracelet, $406 (photo via:

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