La Vie Bohème: 20 Jewels With Free-Spirit Style


It’s that time of year where everywhere you look, it’s “Get Your Outfits for Coachella!” or “10 of the Best-Dressed Celebs at Coachella!” Yes, the desert music and arts festival is in full swing, and its happenings are well documented on my blog and Instagram feeds, as they may well be on yours. I am not your perfect candidate for a music festival; crowds make me anxious and the heat makes me cranky. But even I must admit that I’m swayed by the images of free-spirited style: floral crowns and body chains, flowy dresses and floppy hats, in an event that might as well be sponsored by crop tops and cutoff shorts. If your customers, like me, find themselves drawn to these fashions, well, you don’t have to be at Coachella to dress like you are. And it’s no original uniform, either; style like this was rampant in the 60s and 70s, which happens to be the era many fashion designers and retailers are looking to right now. Bohemian styles shouldn’t be considered a passing trend when brands like Free People and Haute Hippie have been making their name on it for years, with legions of fans. But whether you consider it the go-to uniform of a particular lifestyle or a passing fad for the fashion-forward to dip their toes into, you can’t deny its popularity and appeal. If you or your customers want to get the look from home, think loads of layering necklaces, piles of bangles, rings for every digit, an affinity for turquoise, and plenty of oxidized silver. The curation of jewelry is really left up to individual interpretation, but here are some of my favorite boho looks, and the jewels that would pair well with them.

Kaura Jewels Clarity collection pendant

Kaura Jewels



KIR Collection Anna silver tassel bracelet

KIR Collection



Stuller curved bar necklace




Stardom Carmen bracelet set




Thistle and Bee Quatrefoil tassel necklace

Thistle & Bee




Elisa Ilana Highborn chrysocolla and turquoise necklace

Elisa Ilana





Laura Gibson four-strand turquoise bracelet

Laura Gibson



Nina Nguyen Yantra earrings

Nina Nguyen



Charming Silver oval turquoise station bracelet

Charming Silver



Navajo Arts and Crafts oval retro turquoise ring

Navajo Arts & Crafts



Marco Ta Moko Ara howlite ring

Marco Ta Moko



Vincent Peach Le Printemps eternity necklace

Vincent Peach



David Tishbi botanical spinner ring

David Tishbi



Pyrrah fox talisman floating bangle




AmberBeata black drusy ring




Anita Sondore diamond Moonlight ring

Anita Sondore

Katie Design Jewelry Rosary stacking ring

Katie Design Jewelry

Sara Blaine Jewelry Lima Lace cuff bracelet

Sara Blaine Jewelry

Mark Henry alexandrite moon and moonstone ring

Laura Medine

WYS Jewelry Solstice Star stacking rings

WYS Jewelry


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