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Kwiat Unveils New Proprietary Cushion-Cut Diamond In Las Vegas


Last week, Kwiat opened its boutique in the Wynn Hotel & Casino to buyers and press in town for Las Vegas Jewelry Week and offered them a first look at the Kwiat Cushion, the heritage brand’s 21st-century twist on a cushion-cut diamond.

Typically, the best cushion cuts are defined by a soft, romantic shape and brilliant sparkle. But where traditional cushion cuts tend to be kind of plump and stout, the Kwiat Cushion is marked by an elongated shape with beveled edges and rounded corners. It also displays exceptional symmetry and polish.

A traditional cushion cut, which saw a resurgence in popularity in the 2010s (thanks, Kim Kardashian x Kanye West x Lorraine Schwartz), is in fact a modern evolution of the classic Old Mine cut diamond. The latter dates from the 1700s and is slightly squarish in shape, with a high crown, small table, deep pavilion, and large culet. Over time, as diamond cutting technology improved, these conventions were adjusted to achieve better light refraction overall, and the cushion cut was born.

The diamond trade has continuously introduced modifications to the cushion cut, so that most commercial versions of this diamond shape coming to market today are usually classified as “modified cushion-cut brilliants.” According to Kwiat, its new cushion is a true brilliant cut without modifications—more sparkle and fire, and more beautiful than the “crushed ice” look that is commonly found in cushion stones.

“The cushion shape has long been one of the most appealing and popular for Kwiat clients,” says Greg Kwiat, the brand’s fourth-generation CEO. “A beautiful cushion is a true thing of beauty. The problem is that most of the cushions in the market are ugly examples of the shape, with a small-size appearance and disappointing brilliance.”

The Kwiat Cushion debut follows last winter’s introduction of the Fred Leighton Round, a fresh take on an Old European cut. The new cushion similarly seeks to improve on an archetypal diamond cut from a technical—and aesthetic—standpoint.

“After years of extensive development based on our deep understanding of our customers’ preferences, the Kwiat Cushion is truly the perfect cushion diamond,” says Kwiat. “It has an exceptional classic brilliance and [faces up] large for its size, much more so than the majority of the other cushions in the market.”

Kwiat Cushion diamond
Further adding to its appeal, the Kwiat Cushion actually looks bigger than a round brilliant diamond of the same weight. 

The Kwiat Cushion will be available in sizes 1 ct. or larger at Kwiat boutiques and online, and it will also be made available to select retail partners.

Top: The Kwiat Cushion is a classic diamond shape, updated and refined for the modern consumer. (All photos courtesy of Kwiat)

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