The Kintsugi Pendant by Milamore Is a Work of Art

Pearls, both in the traditional and not so sense, have been überpopular this year, perhaps one of the (much-sung) heroes of 2020. But this new creation from Milamore takes the unexpected to the next level.

The pendant is a capsule of the brand’s Kintsugi collection, which is inspired by the traditional Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with powdered gold. Instead of pottery, the piece uses mother-of-pearl, and the result is striking to say the least.

The pendant doesn’t just mimic the look of the tradition; it was put through the actual Kintsugi process. Milamore’s CEO and creative director George Root collaborated closely with a highly trained Kintsugi artist—a profession that requires decades of training—to perform the tradition’s restoration process.

In the end, the customer truly has at their hands a piece of art, to wear and admire for years to come. Plus, if there’s a better jewelry metaphor for picking yourself up and putting the pieces together again (especially in a year like 2020), I haven’t seen it.

Milamore Kintsugi necklace
The Kintsugi pendant on a chain

In addition to it being a spectacular piece for a gift or self-purchase, it’s pretty gender-neutral in style, too. Worn on a long chain or tight at the neck, or even on a bracelet or anklet (carefully, very carefully, in that case), it will appeal to a multitude of audiences.

“As a designer who is a man, I always look for ways to make styles that are traditionally for women into something that men can enjoy as well—and vice versa,” says Root. “Once I saw Harry Styles wearing pearls, I knew that pearls would take off for everyone, regardless of gender. I knew women would see men wearing pearls and give them a new perspective on the classic stone. It makes me happy to see everyone blurring the lines of what’s ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine,’ because I’ve always felt that whatever makes you happy, you should go for it. In my designs, I love to use baroque pearls for a more edgy, offbeat, and cool look.”

Top: Kintsugi pendant in 18k white gold with mother-of-pearl and diamonds, $8,500; Milamore

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