Kickstarter Report: Silver Initials Mined and Made in the USA

Courtesy Sara Pocius

Still from the Sara Pocius Kickstarter video

Sara Pocius, a Los Angeles–based jewelry designer, has taken to Kickstarter for her latest project: a suite of cursive initials in silver.

The collection, called Affinity Initials, was created as an “alternative to hand-stamped charms, basic block letters, and overseas mass-produced pieces,” she says. The pieces are made from responsibly mined or recycled silver and are hand cast in the U.S., two details that are important to Pocius.

“Manufacturing in the USA and using eco-mindful materials are at the core of my design philosophy,” she says. 

Her Kickstarter page is thoughtful and informative—a true immersion course in the design and production process. Kickstarter demands transparency, and Pocius has delivered with clear articulations of the project and its demands (plus a really cool GIF of the CAD renderings). 

Her modest goal of $3,600 will fund CAD models for all letters (28 percent of funds) and masters and molds for the eight most popular letters (42 percent of funds). The remaining 30 percent go to rewards fulfillment and fees. A stretch goal of $9,000 would manufacture all of the letters.

“We did gangbusters our first day,” says Sam Hulick, account coordinator (and husband). “[We raised] a third of the fundraising goal! Creating something stylish while keeping manufacturing within the US is something that’s one of our core principles, and we think that really resonates with people at a time when truly quality goods can be a challenge to find.”

Pocius has two collections of silver jewelry that she sells through her site ( and wholesalers. Her Kickstarter is a great reminder that even established businesses and designers can use the service to bring a project to life. 

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