Kickstarter Report: ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Pins

After rewatching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on Netflix, Jesse Ross Mack Ingalls decided he wanted to create something to honor and celebrate it. The result: The Fresh Pin Set, three die-cut nickel-plated pins that is one of the most unique and playful collections we have seen on Kickstarter. 

“The three pins tell a story,” he says. “The spray-paint cans symbolize youthful mischief. The dice represents the 2,725 miles it takes to travel from West Philadelphia to Bel Air, Calif., and the hat represents renewal and a fresh start.” 

With five days to go, Ingalls still needs to raise half of his $2,280 goal. But he’s optimistic about his project—and about pins as an accessory.

“Pins are like graphic T-shirts for grown-ups. You can wear them on anything from a hat to a suit jacket lapel,” he says. “A lot of people need to present themselves in a more conservative manner as they grow up. A pin can add a little bit of character. They are conversation starters. I noticed the last couple of years how they started picking up a sort of cult following online so I got into it myself. The next logical step was to make some of my own.”

Ingalls could have gone with gold or silver but wanted the pins to be affordable.

“I wanted to offer something to consumers that is almost like an impulse buy,” he says. “With pins, what makes them so appealing and easy to consume is that you aren’t breaking the bank when you buy one. I didn’t explore the more expensive options for that reason.”

The pins are available for $9 each through the Kickstarter, or $22 for the set of three.

For now, Ingalls’ full effort is on Kickstarter, but he hopes to explore wholesale and retail opportunities soon. 


Photo courtesy of Jesse Ross Mack Ingalls


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