Kickstarter Report: Fantasy Football Championship Rings

If you play fantasy football (or know anyone who does), you know that it can take over a life just as much as any, uh, real sport. It takes a lot of time to draft those picks and tally those numbers! It’s all-consuming. That’s why TrophyRings makes epic, elaborate championship rings just for fantasy football leagues.

Four friends in Rockville, Md.,—Armen Thomasian, Ali Nesson, Sohrob Farudi, and Rahmeen Farudi—started the brand after they realized their own fantasy football league was getting more excited about Thomasian’s epic tinfoil ring creations than about the cash prizes on offer. 

They spent two years working with designers and manufactures to get the design—and the price—just right, and now they have taken to Kickstarter to make their project a reality. With 38 days to go in the campaign, they’re nearly there, having made $4,227 of their $5,000 goal.

“The rings were originally made from aluminum foil. It started out somewhat as a joke, but it quickly became our league’s tradition,” says Thomasian. “For us, it was all about winning one of these rings, and we wanted other leagues to experience the excitement of playing for a ring that looked liked this.”

The rings are solid brass, plated with 18k gold, and hand-set with cubic zirconia. They currently come in three varieties with various finishes and stone colors and will retail for $200–$300, but are available through Kickstarter for $150–$175. Rings are set to ship in December 2015, in time for this year’s fantasy football champs to be crowned. If this project is a success—and it looks like it already is—the guys hope to expand the line and offer designs for other fantasy sports leagues as well.


Courtesy of TrophyRings

TrophyRing prototype in 18k gold-plated brass with cubic zirconia

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