Keep Friday the 13th Superstitions at Bay With These Good Luck Charms

If you’re anything like me and actually enjoy watching scary movies and having some good-natured, scary fun, you may be really excited about the fact that today is Friday the 13th. Maybe you have plans to watch a horror flick, anything to indulge in some pre-Halloween fun. On the other hand, maybe you despise everything about this day and the eerie, creepy vibes that it exudes, and you’d rather to do anything short of hiding under a rock until it’s finally over. If the latter describes you or your customers, then today would probably be a good day to pile on the good luck charms. But they aren’t just for days like today—many of us give very high importance to our designated talismans. They are thought to protect us, to guide us, and even to give us luck on days when we need it most (maybe for job interviews, travel, or first dates). Whatever the occasion, that good luck charm, should it prove to actually provide a dose of good fortune, becomes something we can’t do without. So today, on all days, we’ll avoid walking under ladders, steer clear of the neighbor’s black cat, and keep our umbrellas closed indoors. But our good luck charms, those are for always. And you never know when your shoppers are going to need one.

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PassionStone diamond horseshoe pendant


Carl K. Gumpert hamsa bracelet
Carl K. Gumpert

Novobeads dreamcatcher

Emily Keifer crescent locket pendant
Emily Keifer


What's your Sign? Zodiac collection pendants
What’s Your Sign?


Erica Molinari evil eye and cross pendant
Erica Molinari


Rotenier four leaf clover cufflinks


M.K. Diamonds Jewelry hamsa pendant
M.K. Diamonds & Jewelry


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