Kay Launches New “Transparent” Gold Exchange


Kay Jewelers has launched a new nationwide “Gold Exchange,” that it calls a “safe, secure way to exchange gold for cash.”


Kay says that every package received by the “Exchange” is videotaped while it is being opened, enabling customers to log in and view their very own valuables being unpacked and weighed.  It claims, “While the transaction is being handled, customers are informed with complete transparency every step of the way.”


If  the customer is not happy with the payment amount or any other aspect of the service, they can return the check within 14 days of check issuance, and Kay will return the items, at no cost. Prices are updated daily, based on the London Fix.


“Anyone can offer to buy gold, but we are jewelers first and foremost, and we have the expertise, experience and resources to ensure our customers’ peace of mind,” said Mark Light, Kay Jewelers President and CEO. “We take our reputation seriously, and customers can be assured that through this new service they’ll be getting a fair and honest price.”