Katura Design’s Raw Sugar Diamond & South Sea Pearl Ring

A new ring from Atlanta-based Lee Wiser McIntosh of Katura Design juxtaposes rough raw diamonds with lustrous South Sea pearls in a new collection.

“This ring was the very first piece in a series I’ve done under the collection name Raw Sugar which includes rings and earrings,” says McIntosh. “I love the contrast between the very organic diamond rough and the uber-refinement of cultured pearls; they are on opposite ends of the spectrum—the visual softness of a pearl and the very hard diamond.”

This style is a one-off piece because it’s made to the specifications of the stone, but similar looks will follow. And while many of McIntosh’s pieces are sold straight off her body, she decided early on to keep this one—no matter the price offered. “It resides on my hand, and has earned its keep by becoming an order taker,” she jokes.

Katura Design rough diamond, South Sea pearl, and 18k gold ring

Ring in 18k gold with 7.06 ct. t.w. rough diamond and Tahitian pearls; $2,500