Kate Spade Debuts the Cutest Wearables the World Has Ever Seen

We’re talking tiny cat’s ears on a fitness tracker

The Fossil Group—aka the world’s most profilic manufacturer of wearable devices—is gaining ground on its mission to release more than 100 connected fashion devices in 2016.

But of those 100-plus devices, it’s a safe bet that none will come close to being as cute as the trio of Kate Spade wearables the company will begin debuting in September. 

After covering the wearables market for JCK for almost two years, I’ve seen and test-driven many of the smart designs currently on the market. And none of them (with the exception of those that are actually made for children) could be called girly. Most are downright rugged. But Kate Spade’s DNA is steeped in adorable whimsy. And these devices harness that vibe with precision. 

The Fossil Group has yet to issue an official press release on the wearables; it seems the company dropped some photos and scant details about them into the lap of Allure magazine. But here’s what I’ve gathered from trusted online reportage, including a story on Wareable: The trio includes a black silicon fitness tracker that has a gold “bezel” that borrows from Kate Spade’s enduring cat’s-ears motif. It will reportedly go on sale online and in stores in September and will be priced at $125. There’s also a rose gold–toned open cuff bracelet with a pinkish stone (mother-of-pearl?) anchoring both ends; the stones are bordered in a modern floral design. It, too, is priced at $125 but will debut in stores and online in November. 

There’s a rumor that there are two smartwatches in the collection, but we can report only on the one we have a picture of—a $250 pink-and-gold watch with glittering champagne glasses clinking on the bezel (crystal champagne bubbles and all). The watch will also go on sale in November.

All three designs are sure to appeal to twentysomethings and teens—a demographic that’s often ignored by wearable developers who, largely, seem to be chasing 35-year-old male marathon runners.

I say, bring on the adorable tech. Meow!

(Photos courtesy of Fossil Group)



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