Karma El Khalil’s Rock Hall II Jewelry Collection

Hedgehogs and jewelry don’t often go hand in hand, except perhaps when Karma El Khalil is part of the equation. This is because the New York City–based jewelry designer marries the sharp silhouettes of quills with pyramids to create her signature stamp, which evolves further in her latest 33-SKU collection called Rock Hall II.

“My process was based upon the redefining of the pyramidal shape by highlighting it in its fundamentally elemental nature, just as much as bringing it into more complex structures for the sole purpose of reflecting light in different directions,” she tells JCK. “I’ve thus given the pyramid many roles in Rock Hall II: I’ve placed it within a complex and organic structure, I’ve decomposed it, singled it out, multiplied it, allowed it to flow freely on chains, spread out, cluster, and given it a relationship with colored stones.”

Gems of choice in the collection include sunstone, iolite, opal, blue chalcedony, and jade, and styles to date include rings, necklaces, and earrings in 18k gold. Rock Hall II is handmade in Beirut, Lebanon, and retail prices range from $1,240 to $18,906.

Sunstone Hedgehog earrings in 18k gold by Karma El Khalil

Sunstone Hedgehog earrings in 18k gold with 45.17 cts. t.w. sunstones, $3,290

Ring in 18k gold with iolite and garnets by Karma El Khalil

Ring in 18k gold with 23 ct. cabochon-cut iolite and 15 cts. t.w. rhodolite garnets, $4,740

Necklace in 18k gold with rose quartz by Karma El Khalil

Rose Quartz necklace in 18k gold with 30 cts. t.w. rose quartz, $6,440

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