JVC Tutorial Program on JM University

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee and Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company have developed a tutorial program in the jewelry industry to provide legal compliance information to Jewelers Mutual policyholders and their agents.

The tutorial includes a range of topics pertaining to the manufacture, sale, and marketing of fine jewelry. The program was developed to share legal compliance information and enhance jewelers’ understanding of legal obligations pertaining to their businesses. The program debuted on JM University’s Web site on Oct. 21.

Topics covered in the tutorial include: anti-money laundering regulations, legal compliance criteria for online jewelry Web sites, and how to complete and submit a form 8300 to the IRS.

“Both of our organizations have a common goal of protecting jewelers and their businesses, and including JVC information on JM University is just one more way to achieve that,” said Patti Geolat, Jewelers Mutual interim president, chief executive officer, and board chair.

Added Cecilia Gardner, JVC’s president, chief executive officer, and general counsel: “JVC and JM stand together to educate the jewelry industry about legal compliance issues affecting their businesses. JVC and JM share a long and productive relationship to protect the jewelry industry from risk and now have developed a comprehensive program that provides information vital to jewelers’ businesses and reputations.”

For more information about the JVC – Tutorial Program on JM University, visit: www.jmuniversity.com.