JVC to raise the J-BAR

J-BAR is the new Jewelers Board of Appraisal Review, a not-for-profit membership trade association for appraisers and users of appraisal professionals that will set jewelry appraisal practice minimum standards, provide education, and act as an umbrella appraisal organization.

Its aim is to unite the appraisal industry within one group. J-BAR, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC), will also be a clearinghouse for resolving disputes involving appraisals.

J-BAR will offer the industry an appraisal methodology system, a legal standard, and streamlined general appraisal practices. J-BAR’s mission includes making quality education easily available to its members, with a focus on understanding and following the law as it applies to jewelry appraisals and related services. J-BAR was not formed to bring a standard set of ethics to the appraisal process, but instead focuses on the laws and legalities behind providing an effective appraisal. J-BAR was made possible by a Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK) Industry Fund grant of $85,000.

Cecilia Gardner, JVC’s executive director and legal counsel is the interim director of J-BAR. She said, during a press event at the JA New York Summer Show, that J-BAR is a neutral, non-political venue for dispute resolution and monitoring and is not a competitor for membership revenues. JVC is uniquely qualified to oversee and manage such an endeavor, Garnder said.

“With JVC being in a neutral position within the jewelry industry, we are in unique position of doing this.”

Gardner said that there will be membership standards that include some level of appraisal education.

J-BAR will be the resource for anyone interested in or affected by appraisals. This list includes the jewelry industry at large, appraisers, appraisal organizations, insurance companies, legal organizations and the public.

An advisory board is in place until a permanent board is named. The board should be in place by December 2001, Gardner said. All inquiries about J-BAR should be directed to the JVC office.

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