JVC to Monitor Online Jewelry Advertising

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee is starting a program to monitor online jewelry ads to make sure they comply with Federal Trade Commission guides and other rules regulating jewelry advertising.

“We are using a software program that scours the Internet for advertising,” says assistant general counsel Sara Yood. “So far we have seen some interesting things.”

Yood says the organization surveyed members about what programs they would like to see addressed, and policing the Internet “was by far the biggest vote getter.” 

If the JVC spots something amiss, it will communicate with the advertiser to try to solve the problem. In the event of “particularly egregious” cases that can’t be solved, Yood says the organization could notify the Federal Trade Commission. 

Among the issues she expects the groups will focus on: proper use of the words synthetic, lab-grown, and simulant; sites that sell “wholesale to the public”; and accurate descriptions of mixed metals.


JCK News Director