JVC, NCDIA Produce Color Diamond Guide

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee and Natural Color Diamond Association have released “The Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Color Diamonds,” which examines laws governing the manufacture, sales, and marketing of color diamonds, and focuses exclusively on applicable regulations.

“Whether diamonds are colorless or color, commerce in diamonds continues to raise important concerns for the industry,” according to a statement from JVC and NCDIA.

The guide includes an overview of the geology of natural color diamonds, simplified nomenclature to describe “natural, synthetic and simulated” and a description of the treatments used to alter color in diamonds. It also includes guidelines to determine if information about diamond treatment to a diamond must be disclosed and answers frequently asked questions.

“Natural color diamonds are very rare…and very expensive,” said Cecilia L. Gardner, JVC’s president, chief executive officer, and general counsel. “Consequently, these diamonds are often imitated so manufacturers will likely continue to develop new technologies to create synthetic and imitations. The guide details various treatment procedures and explains the information that jewelers need to disclose if a diamond has been treated, if the treatment is not permanent, if the diamond requires special care or if the treatment significantly affects the value of the gemstone. JVC and NCDIA are providing important guidance to diamond manufacturers and sellers in one, easy-to-use and understand Guide.”

Robert May, NCDIA executive director, added: “Disciplined compliance with legal standards that govern the sales of color gemstones is necessary to maintain consumer trust in the diamond/gemstone industry and to protect the pre-eminent position of natural color diamonds. The law requires honest and timely disclosure for all diamonds. Legal compliance and proper disclosure is imperative when a color diamond might be the result of geological processes that began millions of years ago—or the consequences of a technological treatment that began this morning. The Guide is a simple to understand, essential tool for sales associates or anyone communicating with consumers about color diamonds.” 

To download “The Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Color Diamonds,” visit JVC’s Web site, www.jvclegal.org or NCDIA’s Web site, www.ncdia.com.

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