Just a Website Isn’t Enough for Jewelers Anymore

The keys to online success for jewelers? Having a responsive website and investing in targeted social media advertising, according to Alex Fetanat’s “Roadmap to Successful Web Presence and Online Marketing” seminar Thursday, May 30, at JCK Las Vegas.

Fetanat, CEO of GemFind (an online collection of diamond wholesalers), said a jeweler’s website should be more than just a digital business card; rather, it should be an interactive destination where customers can get educated, browse for product, and buy into your store’s credibility enough to visit it in person.

“Consumers are savvier than they were 10 to 15 years ago and you’re losing market share to your competitors who are online,” said Fetanat. “If you’re investing your money in the Yellow Pages, stop—no one is looking at them.”

Jewelers should invest in a “responsive” website—one that adapts to the size of whatever device the consumer is using—with a back-end content management system that allows a retailer to easily update content. Fetanat recommended that jewelers continuously change out the content of their websites to keep it fresh and optimize SEO.

“Your website shouldn’t be an extension of your business card,” said Fetanat. “Your home page should get visitors excited and represent who you are and what you offer.”

Retailers should be devoting 7 to 10 percent of their revenue to marketing, he said; of that, at least 25 percent should go toward online marketing the first year. Jewelers would then see better results, Fetanat predicted, and they would end up spending 70 percent of that budget on online marketing the following year.

According to GemFind chief technology officer Tyler Mathews, ad targeting on social media and better use of keywords on jeweler websites also are imperative for a successful online presence.

“It’s all about ad targeting right now,” said Mathews. “Facebook is a cheaper ad spend right now and has more targeting than Google. Delivering your campaign effectively to a specific group is essential.”

Mathews also recommends that jewelers identify 15 keywords that define their business and put them everywhere on their websites. “The quality and frequency of your content matters to search engines,” he said. “Your content should answer the question, ‘What do you want your customers to do?’?”

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