Join These 3 Jewelers in Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wasn’t planning to write a post about Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After a recent scare of my own, this month of dedication to breast cancer awareness has got me feeling just a bit blue. In the month it took to make a doctor’s visit and await the biopsy result that seemed like it would never come, I managed to cram in a ton of symptom-Googling (don’t do it), driving others certifiably insane, and convincing myself of the worst-case scenario. I thought, I’m 28 for crying out loud, this is not happening. Or maybe it is? It definitely is. No, couldn’t be. Finally and suddenly all at once, my obsessive worrying was put to rest with the swiftest of phone calls: “Everything’s fine, take care.” Well, there it is. But that’s why October’s campaign for breast cancer awareness has me exhibiting this crazy cocktail of feelings. That gut-wrenching fear that makes me want to run and hide when I see a segment on the Today Show, not letting me just forget about it. The anger that comes up because, even though I know I’m okay, so many other women (and men) aren’t. But then there’s this sense of responsibility. I mean, I’m not a survivor—I’m barely even an “er”—but I got a taste of what it feels like, and I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through even that.

Which brings me here. This blog is a platform that allows me to share news with you and spread the word about amazing products. And while these jewels are incredible under any circumstances, it’s the sale of these pieces, and the subsequent proceeds, that are of interest. “5 Pink Jewels for Breast Cancer Awareness” this is not. This is only a small sample of the really great brands contributing to the fight against breast cancer—oh, and they happen to be doing it with a dash of sparkle (and a whole lot of pink). So donate if you can, or if you prefer, shop for your store! Here’s how you can do it with these three jewelry brands. And if you, your store, or company are doing anything special for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, please share it! In an industry that caters largely to women, I’m so proud to see so many take part. Keep supporting!


Leibish Co. pink diamond breast cancer awareness ribbon pendantLeibish & Co.

The company best known for its colored diamonds is donating $100 to Rethink Breast Cancer, a Canadian charity, for every $1,000 purchase, throwing in this pink diamond ribbon pendant (left), with purchases over $4,000. I like the pendant a lot, too, where the rose gold glows with a single natural pink diamond. And with the mega-stones that Leibish has to offer, you can probably rack up quite a few of them. Get something pretty, spur some action. Not a bad deal. More on the campaign here.



Oscar HeymanOscar Heyman pink sapphire and diamond bracelet

Those fans of the 100-year-old-plus jeweler can have their jewels and do good, too, with the purchase of anything pink. For the month of October, Oscar Heyman is donating 4 percent of its wholesale cost of any pink jewel to the American Cancer Society. Oscar Heyman is another one of those companies that is going to make it pretty darn easy to generate a healthy bill—consider the bracelet pictured right retails for $450,000—and it’s oh so worth it. Beautiful craftsmanship, exquisite stones, you know where I’m going with this. It’s a total treat for any customer to get her hands on an Oscar Heyman creation, and being able to donate along the way is just icing on the cake. So pick up some pink for your showcases—and ultimately, for your customers’ jewelry boxes—just in time for the holidays.



Kameleon Jewelry

Kameleon's Pink Ribbon JewelPops 2014Kameleon Jewelry is bringing back its Poppin’ for the Cure campaign this year, and is donating a portion of the proceeds of its Pink Ribbon JewelPops to the fight against breast cancer. Along with that, the brand is offering $1 for every new like its Facebook page receives during the month of October—simple as that! Retailers are encouraged to hold store events in support of this campaign and can find more information at The JewelPops retail from $29 to $49, making it relatively inexpensive for your shoppers to support, and liking the brand on Facebook has to be one of the easiest ways to take part. If you haven’t yet, go like them!

If you’re doing something to support breast cancer awareness, I’d love to hear about it! Email me at bsiminitz at jck online dot com.



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