Join Me in Obsessing Over Évocateur’s New Erté Collection

The collection is in partnership with Hearst

It has long been a tradition that my mom and I buy each other calendars each year for Christmas—hers, a New York Giants tear-away, and mine, a wall calendar featuring the art of Erté. When I learned that one of my favorite jewelers was partnering with Hearst Corp. to create a collection inspired by the artist (more specifically, featuring works of the artist), I knew it was going to be a match made in fashion heaven. I was right.

When I met with Barbara Ross-Innamorati, president at Évocateur at JCK Las Vegas, she noted how surprised she was to hear of my fondness for Erté, considering my age (or I guess, lack of age). But when I first took notice of the artist’s works, it wasn’t for his name. It was the way he portrayed women: Fierce and free, dancing and celebrating and dressed to the nines, in enviably luxe fashions that were drawn with lines so fluid and ethereal, you could practically see them moving right there on the page. That, and the calendars’ photos were traced in glitter. (What? I was in high school.)

Evocateur Erte collection bracelets | JCK On Your Market

From top: B&W Dolls, Applause, Top Hat, and Baubles cuff bracelets, all in 22k gold leaf, $398 each


Evocateur Etre Pink Diamonds disc necklace | JCK On Your Market

Pink Diamonds disc necklace in 22k gold leaf, $348

The artist who called himself Erté was born Romain de Tirtoff in St. Petersburg, Russia. But this was not to remain home to the artist, who changed his name to avoid disgracing his family—his father was an admiral in the Russian fleet and had expected him to follow in the same footsteps. Instead, drawn to fashion, Erté was destined for Paris where his career flourished, designing costumes and stage sets stretching from Paris to Broadway to Hollywood. But it’s Erté’s career with Harper’s Bazaar (which is published by Hearst, hence Évocateur’s partnership), where he designed more 200 covers for the magazine, that may be his most famous accomplishment of all.

Evocateur Erte Le Cuchesse necklace | JCK On Your Market

La Duchesse two-sided disc necklace in 22k gold leaf, $338


Evocateur Erte collection cuff bracelets | JCK On Your Market

From top: Fantasia, Love’s Captive, and Dreamer cuff bracelets in 22k gold leaf, $398–$428

You may recognize his illustrations before you recognize his name. But once you learn it, you’ll want to know more. And that you should: Go and learn about the life and career of Erté, fall in love with his Art Deco designs, which can be imitated but never rivaled or re-created. And then once you’re hooked, and you will be, join me in obsessing over Évocateur’s collection, because now we can take these illustrations with us wherever we go, looking to our wearable art for a sense of joy, sophistication, and an incomparable sense of fashion. And thanks to a killer price point, it won’t be too hard for me—er, your customers—to curate a lively collecion of art to admire (and wear) forever.

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