Johnson Matthey NY Updates Web Site

Johnson Matthey NY updated its Web site to be a selling tool and an industry resource for PGM products.

The new site has all the key areas available within a click of an information packed home page. The home page displays up-to-the-minute, ‘real’ prices for platinum and palladium as well as 30-day charts. Prices for rhodium, iridium, and ruthenium are also shown along with other new features.

The latest industry news and events, including new product and service information, is also available. We would also like to report YOUR platinum and palladium news so please send us press releases and images to help keep the news section fresh and relevant and useful to YOU.

The Web site also features a series of pages offering intuitive navigation, including a data bank of technical information with advice on palladium as well as platinum. The site enables users to plot their own price charts and cut and paste them into reports.

The new Web site is at

Johnson Matthey NY is part of the Johnson Matthey group, which has been servicing the jewelry industry with its precious metal needs since 1817 and today supplies jewelers all over the world. Now a multi-national group, more than half its work-force is employed in U.S. plants and offices. The world’s leading refiner of platinum group metals, Johnson Matthey is also the sole marketing agent for Anglo Platinum, the world’s largest platinum producer.