JJ Williams of JJ Number 8 on Her Love of the Marquise Shape

The elegant shape of the marquise is a recurring motif in the four-year-old JJ Number 8 line from designer JJ Williams. “It’s a key inspiration for me, and is signature to the collection,” she tells JCK. “I feel like the shape has a flow to it and a kinetic energy that moves me.”

Plus, cabochon cuts—another staple in her work—are a natural complement to the marquise, which Williams calls equally “graceful,” and “goes along with that flow and movement,” she says.

All of Williams’ jewels feature custom cuts of stones and strong and unusual color combinations like green and black onyx and turquoise. “I love studying color tonality, where hues fade from dark to light color,” she says. “These add an unexpected surprise and depth of color.”

While not every single piece in her work features the marquise—“it’s not a design constraint,” she adds—viewers are sure to recognize it as a recurring theme, set in whimsical sideways-set pendants and off-kilter bands and hoops, another JJ fave.

“To me, hoop earrings are like the fountain of youth of jewelry: they bring out the youthful, fun, playful spirit in everyone,” she says.

In sterling silver, her work starts at $1,000, and in 18k gold, retail prices start at $1,200.

JJ Number 8 silver and gemstone necklaces

Necklaces in silver with green onyx, labradorite, and turquoise with diamond accents; $1,000 each

JJ Number 8 gold and gemstone bands

Bands in 18k gold with white topaz, green onyx, and turquoise; $2,290, $2,220, and $2,070, respectively

JJ NUmber 8 gold and gemstone hoop earrings

18k hoops with black and green onyx and turquoise; $3,820

JJ NUmber 8 gold and gemstone hoop earrings

18k hoops with amethyst, iolite and black onyx; $4,330

JJ Number 8 silver and gemstone earrings

Large Feather earrings in silver with blue chalcedony, turquoise, and diamond accents; $5,220