These Jewels Look Good Enough to Eat

I love food. I love it so much that I follow a number of deliciously curated, food-centric accounts (like @foodbabyny, @girleatworld, and @foodsofdisneyland), even though it’s just a big tease to do so because, since these tasty bites are often in far-off locations, and I can’t just go out and get them. Accounts like these take the most photogenic eats and make them look even better with excellent photography skills (I also follow a number of amazing food blogger accounts for recipes, but something like a kale salad is arguably less visually appealing than, say, cotton candy ice cream).

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The same can be said for jewelry: It’s fair to assume I won’t own most—or any, really—of the jewels I scroll through on the ‘gram, but man, do I love seeing them nonetheless.
So when jewelry and food are paired, the results are exponentially better than anything you’ll see all day.

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Food is actually the perfect accessory for jewelry. Many people will wear their jewels—for a special occasion or every day—to eat somewhere, so in a sense, these photos are just exhibiting an example of the lifestyle one’s jewelry could realize. A wearer of x ring may be photographed enjoying an ice cream cone, where the ring inadvertently takes center stage as it’s worn on the hand holding the frozen treat. It’s just good business for a jeweler to show how their designs look in everyday situations, and indulging in a tasty snack is all anyone can aspire to do.

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There are also many opportunities for cross-referencing jewelry with food: Gemstones that look like candy is one of the easier, more obvious comparisons to make, so it’s no wonder it’s common to see a colored gemstone design paired with confections of the same aesthetic.

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The visual benefits of pairing jewelry with food are no secret to the industry, which is why I came across so many delicious, inspiring Instagram posts doing just that. Keep the good stuff coming!

(Top image via: @jojo_rings)