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Bookworms, Unite: Jewelry That Honors World Storytelling Day


If there’s one thing that unites all jewelry designers, makers, and retailers, it is a gift for storytelling—giving the beautiful object we all love to wear an origin or a connection to a moment in time that holds special meaning.

This week, as people celebrated World Storytelling Day on March 20, it seemed an appropriate time to honor this storytelling skill and how much it brings to the industry. Beyond that, the telling of story goes back to our human origins, helping us learn to stay safe, build relationships, and understand the world around us.

Add in the joy that comes with books, and you have a potent reason to celebrate World Storytelling Day through the lens of jewelry. Many jewelers use books—new and classic—to spark their own creativity and interpret the story through precious metals and gemstones.

Steven Stone Gatsby
The Great Gatsby, an American classic written by Jazz Age author F. Scott Fitzgerald, inspired this Steven Stone engagement ring. Its art deco look relates to the book’s setting in the early 1920s.

For example, U.K. retailer Steven Stone recently introduced its Storybook Collection, a four-piece collection of jewelry that pays tribute to the world’s most influential books including The Great Gatsby, Pride & Prejudice, Treasure Island, and the Harry Potter series.

For Gatsby, the Old Sport would have loved its 5 ct. emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, truly a tribute to West Egg’s opulence. Treasure Island gets an homage through an 18k yellow gold–plated Roman coin necklace. Harry Potter is represented by a classic lightning bolt–shape pendant with diamond-encrusted edges.

The pièce de résistance in the Storybook Collection is an ode to Jane Austen’s seminal book of manners, a 3 ct. ruby engagement ring that also includes two diamonds and a floral decoration on the band. *Chef’s kiss*

“A classic love story, we included Pride & Prejudice in the collection as over 200 years have passed since it was published, yet it’s as relevant to modern readers as it ever was—and that’s pretty special,” jewelry designer Maxwell Stone tells JCK.

“Gardens are a popular feature of historical novels, and with Jane Austen’s letters, works, and memories of her expressing her love of flowers, it was important for us to incorporate this into the design,” Stone says. “Thus, the yellow gold ring features stunning floral decoration that gives the illusion of vines wrapped around the band.”

Here is an array of book-inspired jewelry that will have you reaching for your favorite author this weekend or, perhaps, shopping for your next piece of jewelry.

Le Trezor Locket
Le Trezor’s inheritance locket can be customized with your own letter or word, making it a book you can share with a loved one or friend.
Rumi Amethyst Earrings
Toktam’s Rumi collection is inspired by the works of the famous Persian writer Rumi, specifically Masnavi and Divan-e Shams. These earrings ($2,200) feature amethysts.


Once in a Pink Moon
Kaltham’s Pavilion created these Once in a Pink Moon earrings as a tribute to the Japanese Manga series Sailor Moon.


ASSAEL pearl ring
This Assael pearl ring, featuring a cassis natural saltwater pearl ($27,000), could be seen as a nod to The First Men in the Moon, a kind of sci-fi romance by the beloved English author H.G. Wells.
Hemingway band
Manly Bands has its Hemingway ring ($475) as a tribute to the infamous U.S. author who wrote about his travels in Paris and Spain as well as his adoration of Cuba throughout his work. It features elk antler (the author loved to hunt).

Top: Steven Stone designed its Pride & Prejudice ring to honor author Jane Austen with its floral theme. It is part of the brand’s Storytelling Collection.

(Photos courtesy of the brands)

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