Jewelry will be a hot item for Mother’s Day

This year, consumers plan to spend an average of $98.64 on Mother’s Day, up slightly from an average of $97.37 last year, according to the NRF 2004 Mother’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch for the National Retail Federation (NRF). Survey findings indicate that total spending for Mother’s Day will reach $10.43 billion.

Consumers who will purchase jewelry for mom will be the biggest spenders; the average consumer buying jewelry will spend $62.40. Those who will buy clothing plan to spend $31.89 on that purchase and consumers who will take mom out for lunch plan to spend $40.54.

“Though Mother’s Day celebrations and gifts will vary, many consumers see this as an important day to honor the women in their lives,” said Tracy Mullin, president and CEO of the National Retail Federation. “With all the sacrifices mom has made over the years, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to give something back.”

Americans plan to purchase gifts for their own mothers but also plan to recognize other women in their lives. According to the survey, 66.6% of consumers plan to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for their mother or stepmother, while another 7.1% plan to purchase for their grandmother, 6.4% will buy a gift for their daughter, and 5.6% will give a gift to a friend. In addition, 42.6% of men plan to purchase a Mother’s Day gift for their wife.

“When you’re honoring several mothers on one holiday, a $100 price tag is not hard to achieve,” said Phil Rist, Vice President of Strategy for BIGresearch.

Flowers, cards, and food remain the most popular Mother’s Day gifts this year. More than half of consumers (59.6%) plan to purchase a Mother’s Day card while a third of consumers plan to buy flowers (35.5%) and take mom to a restaurant (33.1%).

Specialty stores like florists, jewelers, and greeting card stores should see a boost in sales, with 32.7% of consumers planning to purchase Mother’s Day gifts from the specialty sector. Additionally, 31% of consumers plan to shop at a discount store and 26.8 percent will spend at a department store. Also, 14.6% plan to shop for their Mother’s Day gift online.

Other Mother’s Day facts:

* Mother’s Day is the third most-popular holiday for sending greeting cards, behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day, according to the Greeting Card Association. According to the NRF survey, 59.6% of consumers will purchase at least one greeting card for Mother’s Day.

* Mother’s Day ranks second only to Christmas in the purchase of flowers, according to the Society of American Florists. Of flowers purchased for Mother’s Day, 45% are cut flowers, 32.0 percent will be outdoor bedding and gardening plants, and 22% will be flowering and green houseplants. Consumers will spend $868 million on flowers this Mother’s Day, according to NRF.