Jewelry Trends for 2015: Exquisite Ear Climbers From JCK Marketplace

Another year, another list of trends to stay on top of! Join JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner and me as we exemplify the best jewels to stock this year, from her 2015 list of 12 trends to follow.

Trend No. 7: Ear Climbers

If the ear cuff proves to be too much for some consumers, the ear climber, its more tame cousin, may be the ticket. The names of these are often used interchangeably, but here’s how I see it: An ear climber typically starts from the ear lobe, fastens into the piercing, and crawls up the ear. It can also be considered a cuff in the sense that it cuffs at the top of the ear, but doesn’t always. Sometimes ear climbers are more like studs, and they fasten into the ear and climb up ever so much, like the pieces from Rina Limor and Charming Silver below. Most of these are also sold in pairs, one for each ear. Others are full-on, singular statement pieces, such as the one below from Forevermark. I have a piece that both fastens into and cuffs to the ear, a combination of sorts. Still an ear climber? Yes it is. Have I confused anyone yet? No matter. Just enjoy these—your customers definitely will (so be sure to stock ’em!).

Click each picture for more information about the ear climbers (or cuffs or both!).

Charming Silver ornate CZ ear climbers

Charming Silver

Norman Silverman marquise and pear diamond ear climbers

Norman Silverman

Rina Limor sapphire and diamond bezel ear climbers

Rina Limor

Forevermark Red Carpet diamond feather ear climber




Sutra black rhodium diamond ear climbers




Adwar Casting Company golden branch ear climbers

Adwar Casting Company

Shy Creation scalloped diamond ear climbers

Shy Creation

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