Jewelry Trends for 2015: Chunky Metal Cuffs From JCK Marketplace

Another year, another list of trends to stay on top of! Join JCK senior editor Jennifer Heebner and me as we exemplify the best jewels to stock this year, from her 2015 list of 12 trends to follow.

Trend No. 6: Metal-Intense Statement Cuffs

To me, no piece of jewelry feels sexier and more badass than a big, hunky metal cuff bracelet. On bare arms in the summer, it just feels like a statement. I don’t know that people notice it as much as I think they do, but I always feel amazing when I’m wearing one, and well, that’s all that matters. Though I’m sure those with an eye for style—and jewelry—notice, because I certainly admire the look on others. I love a long white dress paired with a thick gold cuff on each arm or a pair of silver cuffs gleaming against sun-kissed skin. The bigger the better, and any sort of detail is fair game. I’m particularly smitten with cutout detailing, but a glossy, solid metal bracelet is winning as well. Here are some of my favorites to stock in your stores for summer. Believe it or not, it’ll be here before you know it, even if the winter feels like it’s never ending. Hang in there!

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Marcin Zaremski open space textured cuff bracelets

Marcin Zaremski



Thyreos Vassiliki Greek Dagger cuff bracelet

Thyreos Vassiliki



Katie Design Jewelry crosses cuff bracelets

Katie Design Jewelry



H. Weiss floral border Marika cuff bracelet

H. Weiss



Stephanie Kantis Heritage cuff bracelet

Stephanie Kantis


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