Jewelry Trend to Try: The Double Earrings

Your regular, run of the mill earring back just won’t do anymore. Proving that there is always room for more embellishment, earrings are popping up designed with shapes and sparkle behind the earlobe—because, well, why not?


Dior has what has probably been the biggest hit of them all so far, with a long line of celebrities sporting the oversized, double pearl look dubbed Mise en Dior. Vita Fede, a favorite fashion jewelry brand of many, is releasing two different looks in early 2014 (I love the spikes!) But they share a common style element: asymmetry, with the larger of the two baubles worn in the back.

Bibi van der Velden diamond frog earrings

I expect more designers to follow in these footsteps soon. I hope ASAP, because, as I said before, any excuse to pile on more bling is A-okay by me. If you or your customers aren’t into the asymmetrical look, try this whimsical pair from Bibi van der Velden pictured above (click the image for more information on the earrings). Basic backs? Don’t even think about it—we’re spicing things up down to the last detail!

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