Jewelry Trend: Friendship Bracelets for Summer

When it’s already 80-plus degrees at sunrise, the last thing you want to do is wear too many layers—jewelry included. It’s just too hot! No jewelry lover wants to leave the house under-accessorized, but when the temperatures soar, the fact is that we all need to dress light. (Who wants to pass out in the subway, even if you are wearing gorgeous ropes of pearls?)

Enter the friendship bracelet—a skinny string, macramé-woven, beaded, or delicate chain style, often with a focal-point charm. The idea is centuries old, and gained U.S. popularity in recent decades when they were exchanged among friends. And because the silhouettes are so slender, the bracelets serve as ideal warm-weather accessories since even a small stack can make a statement without weighing you down.

Kris Nations friendship bracelet

Ciudad friendship bracelet is inspired by those from the 1980s and features vintage crystals, hand-dyed silks, and base metal chain fringe and either a heart or star charm, $80; Kris Nations Jewels

Finn friendship bracelet

Bracelet in cord with a 10k gold evil eye charm, $85; Minor Obsessions by Finn

Samuel B. friendship bracelet with turquoise and leather

Wrap bracelet in leather with turquoise beads and a silver closure, $90; Samuel B.

Dana Kellin bracelet with pyrite and 14k gold fill

Bracelet with cord, 14k gold fill, and pyrite, $200; Dana Kellin at Fragments

Herndon Heald silver bracelet

Rivulet bracelet in silver, $239; Herndon Heald

Jude Frances bracelet with silver, cord, and white sapphires

Matchstick bracelet in cord and silver with ruthenium finish, white rhodium finish, and 0.16 ct. t.w. white sapphires, $300; Jude Frances

Alef Bet by Paula beaded bracelet

Star Stacking Bracelet in silver with 8 mm–10 mm Picasso jasper beads and 0.85 ct. t.w. diamonds, $339; Alef Bet by Paula

diaStrings bracelet in 14k gold with diamonds on cord

Cube bracelet in cord with 14k gold and 0.14 ct. t.w. diamonds, $350; diaStrings

Djula bracelet in 18k gold with diamonds

Lotus bracelet in 18k gold with 0.12 ct. t.w. diamonds, $1,260; Djula

Parade Design bracelet

Bracelet in 18K white gold with 0.46 ct. t.w. diamonds, $2,475; Parade Design