Jewelry That Makes You Safer?

Secure Couture is the latest company to combine technology and jewelry design to create a product meant to help its wearer feel safer.

The Stiletto Gemstone Collection is meant to allow the wearer to send emergency alerts to friends, family, and even 911 with a touch to the pendant. The company calls it “covert security you’ll love to wear,” adding that “personal security is no one’s business but your own.”

Stiletto claims it is different from other personal safety jewelry because it uses multiple means to signal for help. The owner programs their emergency contacts using a proprietary app, then if in distress, a push of the button will send voice messages (“Stiletto Voice” will call and “speak” to 911 and your emergency contacts for you) and text messages, using wifi and data. The device can also send your picture, profile, and location to the local 911 dispatch with an optional (paid) service called

Maureen Shaw of, in a review of the product, gave it an A for effort, calling it “an undoubtedly creative and well-intentioned concept.” But, she added, “like other preventative products on the market, it does nothing to challenge the root cause of sexual violence: rapists.”

On the company’s website, the founders, brothers Alexander and Daniel Gladstone admit the device can only go so far, and they have set up a foundation to donate 5 percent of profits to organizations that focus on combatting violence against women.

Prices for the Stiletto range from $179-$219.


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