Jewelry Sourcing Challenge: U.S. Manufacturers of Steel and Brass Styles

A designer from upstate New York reached out to me last Friday after reading the Jewelry Sourcing Challenge post of Jan. 1. Her goal: to find a few U.S. jewelry manufacturers who will make polished steel and brass pieces for her new line.

“I am based in upstate New York, so I could work with anyone in the Northeast,” she tells JCK.  “I do work mostly with costume pieces, but the same pieces can eventually be made into fine jewelry—gold and sterling silver. The key for me is working with a U.S. manufacturer. Could you recommend some?”

The following firms are the ones I suggested. Have a hole in your inventory? I would be delighted to help you. Email me at to issue your request. Alternatively, if you know of a casting house that could help this designer, please weigh in via the comment function below!

Adwar Casting

While Adwar primarily works with precious metals, it doesn’t hurt to ask about your needs; talk to Gregg Adwar at 516-678-7755.

Carrera Casting

Carrera works with precious metals but also casts in brass; talk to Eric Weiss at 212-869-8762.

Spectore Corp./Edward Mirell

The company specializes in titanium, but it also works with other contemporary metals and makes private-label pieces for other manufacturers. Email Adam Rosenberg, director of business development and sales, at


Stuller makes everything and does custom manufacturing jobs, so the firm may be open to manufacturing your samples. Email first with your inquiry.

MJSA Resources for Casters

MJSA is a wealth of information for the jewelry-manufacturing community, so it doesn’t surprise me that it has a compilation of MJSA-member listed casters online.

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