Jewelry manufacturer introduces patented white gold

White gold isn’t what it used to be thanks to a new technological breakthrough announced by W.R. Cobb and Co., Providence, R.I.

The 127-year-old manufacturer has developed a patented white gold called Precise White Gold, which it says is an improvement over the cost, performance limitations, and environmental concerns associated with the traditional white gold.

“White gold jewelry is increasingly popular today, and our new process for production creates a metal that has superior benefits for both the consumer and the jewelry industry,” said David Skuza, global marketing executive at W.R. Cobb.

The company says Precise White Gold offers several advantages over existing forms of white gold, including:

* It does not need to be rhodium plated. Rhodium is commonly used on all white gold to cover the natural yellowish color of gold for a more pleasing white color. Rhodium plating usually adds approximately $5 to $15 to the retail price of a typical ring, the company says.

* It retains its shine and luster with no special treatment because there is no rhodium plating.

* It lowers manufacturing costs because there is no special handling or plating costs. The finished jewelry is simply polished like any other gold product.

The company also says this new gold lowers the cost of after sales service as there are no problems with a plated rhodium finish wearing off, and repaired jewelry no longer requires special handling or rhodium replating.

In addition, the company says the new gold is good for persons who are normally sensitive to the nickel in white gold. It meets European Union Nickel Release Test EN1810 and EN1811.And it can be polished and finished as easily as yellow gold.

Precise White Gold will be available to retail jewelers this summer, the company says.

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