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How is your quarantine going? Hopefully you’re able to experience enough good days to rival the not-so-good ones and memorable moments to one day eclipse the ones you’d prefer to forget. If you’re not, that’s okay too—you’re not alone.

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But it’s been uplifting to witness our industry rally together to continue to educate, entertain, and delight both one another and our consumers. I’m inspired by my colleagues who are hosting webinars and virtual chats, and many doing so with small children close by (or wrapped around them). Truly, I’m in awe—what a feat to be so committed while simultaneously caring for your children (or partners or pets). It’s just beyond incredible. I don’t know how they do it.

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Because, some days it sort of feels like, what’s the point? Why continue to push the limits when we’re all sort of just waiting for things to change, waiting for the sales to come, waiting for it to make sense to consider stocking stores with new goods? Waiting to get back to the studio and the bench again?

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But those thoughts are rather defeatist, aren’t they? Because when you witness the good people of our industry busting their humps to teach, advise, create, and yes, even sell, and particularly when they’re doing so from home, which can be very, very hard to do, then you understand exactly what the point is. We’re adapting—or trying to. We’re still celebrating jewelry. And the industry is all just figuring this out together, as we go.

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Instagram has been my window to this movement, for the most part—one of many windows we are all watching the world through at the moment (sometimes watching people out the window is the most riveting source of entertainment these days). Social media, like anything, has its downside, but in this moment it can be such a powerful tool for good that we’re fortunate to live in a time when it’s even possible.

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So rewind several years ago to when I designed the lion signet. I intended for this piece to serve as a symbol of strength through whatever circumstances one finds themselves in….The courage to lead and persevere through closure, new beginnings, failure, or great success. The lion is engraved with ‘fearless and extraordinary’. Today, I picked up this ring and found myself inspired. The immense burden on our paramedics, doctors, nurses, and care workers at this time is beyond anything. I can’t really think of another collective group who embody the lions message more than these professionals, at this time. I’d like to humbly make two small gestures: 1. I will donate 100% of the sale of one lion signet purchased from our website to @getusppe 2. I would love to bring joy to one additional medical worker in the form of a lion signet pendant (I’m thinking it’s harder for medical workers to wear rings at work). To nominate someone you know to receive this necklace, email with the subject line ‘fearless and extraordinary’. Spread joy!

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So whenever I’m stumped for something to write about, or whenever I start to feel awkward about featuring jewelry with a relatively high price tag, I visit Instagram to remind myself that the industry goes on. It looks a little different right now, but so many good people are working really hard to keep it all together, and, hopefully, you’re benefiting from their labor somehow, too, whether it’s learning something new, making sales, seeking help, or just having a chuckle. Shown here are some of my recent inspirations—from beautiful and cleverly displayed jewelry to acts of generosity to the hustle and grind—each day brings more.

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